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New Components
Playworld's new distinctive components bring a unique esthetic and unmatched play value to Playworld's Challengers & Playmakers products lines.
The modularity of PlayCubes offers countless options for configuration and color - ideal for any site layout, & budget.
Playform 7
Children are drawn to art & sculpture just like adults. Naturally, they want to interact with it, but sculpture isn't usually designed to be played on.
Branch Out
Branch Out offers the appealing scale & features of nature play in an efficient, open layout that creates endless new possibilities for post & platform playgrounds.
A child's imagination is limitless - their playground should be too. InfiNET is a hybrid "netform" solution w/ dynamic climbing challenges & barrier-free platform nets. 
NEOS 360
The NEOS and NEOS 360 (Accessible) combines the speed and action of video games with the explosive movement of aerobic exercise. 
Timber Stacks
Timber Stacks bring a natural feel to your play space! Made of Robinia pseudoacacia (black locust) logs, Timber Stacks are durable enough to stand up to the play of children for decades.
The Sona is an interactive game arch that challenges the players again & again. The Sona is developed for indoor & outdoor, & new games are continuously being developed. 
The Sutu brings people together & encourages them to take part in active competition w/ friends. All the games have different levels & are challenging for all players, from beginner to advanced. 
The Memo play pillars are pedagogically valuable play equipment that challenges children and young people. The interactive play equipment for indoors & outdoors adapts itself to the present day & thus remains interesting.
The Toro interactive sports arena is a colorful multipurpose playground. In the compact sports field, children always move w/ plenty of contact with the ball.
The Fono is designed to create something positive for teenagers & everyone young at heart. Music has always been & will be a meaningful way to express your identity. 
Berliner's mantra is "Play Equipment for Life." This claim defines who they are, how they build playgrounds, and the way that they think.
With almost 50 years of experience in the playground industry, combined with their extensive rope manufacturing knowledge they have designed a variety of products for unique playground landscapes. 
Check out one of their product lines, Greenville. It is a special product range that, through being enhanced by bamboo panels, speaks a natural design language all of its own. 
ExoFit Fitness Equipment
Not everyone can afford a gym membership or that they might feel intimidated being in a commercial gym environment. The Exofit product lines help give communities the opportunity to get healthy & maintain active lifestyle while enjoying the outdoors. 
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