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Maintenance & Repair

You will receive a FREE customized maintenance kit with every playground you purchase, including the Playmakers, Challengers, and Explorers series, as well as Adventure Series and Activo systems.


Complete  Maintenance Manual - Maintenance and inspection procedures, detailed
component sheets, extra copy of installation instructions, and inspection forms for your
Extra Hardware - To replace missing or misplaced parts.
Graffiti Remover - Designed to clean without damaging the powder-coated paint finish.
Extra Hex Wrenches and Driver Bits - For use with Playworld Systems' exclusive tamper-resistant hardware.
Sandpaper, Primer Paint, and Touch-up Paint - Tailored to match the colors of your customized playground.

Warranty: General Guarantee

Equipment and Material:

Star Playgrounds warrants the products it installs to be free from defects in the materials and workmanship during normal use.  Installation of those products has been completed in accordance with manufacturer’s installation instructions, current CPSC guidelines, accessibility standards and ASTM standards as they relate to playground equipment and safety surfacing materials.  Mark Ashland’s CPSI number is 42038-0521.

As a distributor of Playworld products, Star Playgrounds further warrants and guarantees to honor Playworld’s warranty as stated in Playworld’s current Warranty: General Guarantee.  Star Playgrounds is a Playworld Factory Certified Installer.

Community Build installations which are under the direct supervision of a Star Playground’s representative, carry the same warranty as stated herein.

All warranties are effective from the date of purchase/completion.  During the warranty period, Star Playgrounds will repair or replace any part made of or containing defective material at no cost to the client. The labor costs and freight related to the repair or replacement are not included at no cost and will be invoice at the then current quoted rate. 


If it is determined that the installation completed by Star Playgrounds has defective workmanship, Star Playgrounds will correct the installation at no charge to the buyer for the first twenty-four (24) months after the date of purchase/completion.  The warranty limits the buyer’s remedies exclusively to repair or replacement of the product.

This warranty does not cover any defects or failure due to vandalism, negligence, abuse, normal wear, accidents, acts of nature, lack of maintenance or products that have been tampered with, altered, modified or repaired by anyone when not previously approved by Star Playgrounds.

To make a claim under the terms of this Warranty, the buyer’s written statement of claim, along with a copy of the original invoice, maintenance records and supporting photographs must be sent to or Star Playgrounds, 9892 Titan Park Circle, Suite 1, Littleton, CO 80125.
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