Leasing with Navitas Credit Corp and Crowdfunding with Indiegogo

Funding Play


With community and school-education budgets increasingly strained and often leaving no money for playground refurbishment, many communities have turned to crowdfunding campaigns to raise necessary resources. Through a partnership with Indiegogo, Playworld is offering a platform enabling communities, schools and organizations to build successful playground equipment crowdfunding campaigns. In fact, Playworld will offer up to 25% off the purchase of equipment when you meet your goal on Indiegogo!


Leasing is an easy option with Navitas Credit Corp

Our extensive lease and loan product offerings can be customized to ensure it is the perfect financing fit for exactly what your business needs capital for. We have designed our flexible equipment lease and loan payment plans to make the buying and selling of commercial equipment simple and more affordable. Once the equipment buying decision is made; without the capital needed to acquire it…everything comes to a stop. Our unique ability to provide access to credit right at the point of sale helps expedite the entire buying process..


Learn more here: https://www.navitascredit.com/ 

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