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Star Playgrounds will verify the build date. Please notify all volunteers as soon as possible.
Recruit volunteers over the age of 14 to assist with the construction and
assembly. It may be easier to break the day into two time periods (morning
and afternoon) and have the morning volunteers stay through lunch and the
afternoon volunteers start with lunch. This allows the volunteers who can
only stay for a portion of the day a set time period to work. This will also
help determine the number of volunteers you will need to recruit.

Our Project Coordinator or Sales Reps can help determine the total
number of volunteers needed

Make adequate number of copies of the Volunteer Waiver Form.

Set up a Registration Table with waivers, sunscreen, name tags, first aid kit and water.

  • Coordinate and secure tools needed - generally shovels (both pointed and flat), wheelbarrows, water hose, hoes, drills with ¼" bits and rakes (for EWF surfacing.  
  • Star Playgrounds will provide the necessary assembly tools and other specialty tools and equipment
  • Coordinate drilling of the holes (if Star Playgrounds is not providing that service)
  • Build Day attire: closed-toe comfortable shoes, hat, and work gloves

Comfort for the Volunteers
  • Arrange breakfast, lunch, snacks, and food supplies for the volunteers.
  • Secure water, coolers, and ice
  • Set up and take down tables/chairs for meals
  • Service area: will it be inside or is shade being provided (10'x10' pop-up shades work well)
  • Restrooms

  •  Set up activities if volunteers are bringing children to the Build
  •  Secure volunteers to watch the children
  •  Star Playgrounds will not be responsible for the well-being of children under the age of 14
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